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Providing Personalized, Dedicated And Thoughtful Legal Services

Although some legal issues may come up only once in a lifetime for most of us, if they do, we look for an experienced guide we can trust. Some legal matters and issues require a professional and creative legal adviser, a business partner and a compassionate lawyer who understands his clients.

Eric Sommers has helped address the legal needs of his clients based in New England, as well as across the United States for more than 20 years. He has provided legal advice in practice areas ranging from intellectual property, to business law and civil litigation, to family matters.

At Sommers Law, PLLC, his clients recognize his creative approach and commitment. Regardless of the challenge, Eric will work with dedication and attention to detail to protect his clients’ lives and livelihood.

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Experienced Legal Representation For Your Career, Your Business And Your Family

Eric has dedicated himself to helping his New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island clients defend their businesses, professional careers, work and families. At Sommers Law, PLLC, in Concord, he will review in detail his clients’ legal issues, needs and expectations to develop legal solutions with them. Whether through negotiation, litigation or appeals, he is committed to his clients. Many areas of his practice areas transcend state boundaries, and he routinely assists clients throughout the country in these matters.

Protecting a business, intellectual work, or individuals takes more than knowing the law. It takes dedication and creativity to find all the pieces of the puzzle. From developing the necessary tools to secure your rights to your new invention, or artistic creation to protecting your business, to arranging the terms of your divorce, attorney Eric Sommers is ready to listen to your case.

Call To Defend What You Care About The Most

Call 603-570-4854 to schedule an initial consultation with Eric and develop tailored solutions to your legal needs. This secure online contact form is also available for your convenience. Eric is proud to serve his New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island clients.