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A Committed Attorney Who Can Help Your Legal Puzzle Pieces Fit Together

A present legal concern or issue will potentially define an individual’s future life. When your business, your work of a lifetime or your family is at risk, you might need immediate and reliable answers to make informed decisions. Attorney Eric Sommers has provided professional, personalized and caring legal advice to his clients for more than 20 years in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, as well as select clients nationwide.

Through the practice of multiple areas of the law, brings a rich perspective and creative insights to address legal issue from various perspectives, looking for the pieces to solves complex puzzles.

Client-Focused Services To Represent Your Interests

For over 20 years, Eric has advocated for the rights of his clients involving various legal areas with attention to detail and dedication. He is aware of the impact a legal issue can have on the professional life of an artist, inventor, business owner or concerned parent. He is empathetic to his clients’ needs and makes their needs a priority when advocating on their behalf.

The services Eric provides at Sommers Law, PLLC, include the following:

  • Intellectual property: He offers experienced, innovative and detail-focused legal advice on copyright, trademark and trade secrets, and litigation in federal and state courts and other tribunals when necessary.
  • Business law: He provides dedicated and experienced litigation services for businesses, including counseling and advisory for small-business owners.
  • Federal and state appeals: He provides a detail-focused appellate services in a wide-range of case. He has worked on appellate cases in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and in the Federal Courts of Appeal for the First, Second and Ninths Circuits. After a detailed consideration of a case, Eric will advise his clients whether an appeal will benefit them and what avenues they may pursue.
  • Family law: He provides compassionate and dedicated legal representation in family matters. His business clients also rely on his personalized focus, negotiation skills and attention to detail to protect their families.

Eric is a solo practitioner with the experience of working in large and specialized law firms. He blends the two to provide his clients with a sophisticated practice of a large firm with the personal service of the small firm. His clients put their business, creations and family’s welfare in his hands, and he is up to the challenge. He is dedicated to protecting everything that matters in your life and will partner with you to find the right fit for your legal needs.

Call A Caring And Experienced Litigator And Negotiator

Learn how Eric can assist you in a variety of legal practice areas. To schedule a no-obligation consultation, call 603-570-4854 or fill out this online contact form.